We can show you what we can do!
We can describe, what our bikes are able to do!
We can show pictures of our bikes in
all variations and configuration options
to you!
With our detailed and comprehensive
website we can inform you!

But one thing we can do not: for you
the special, from our Customers and
independent journals and over again
acclaimed BERNDS-driving feeling
experience. We can advise you, but
can not decide for you which of the
many Equipment variants of our bikes
you like best. Therefore, we have
invented the BERNDS[Box] for
you. With the BERNDS [Box], you
can not only test your wish - BERNDS
without obligation, but you can also
experience the many equipment
options of our bikes - in depth and
at your leisure. We deliver the
BERNDS[Box] with your wisch-BERNDS
for a non-binding test with a
comprehensive range of accessories
for you to try:
Color card with frame colors
Luggage Solutions
Withe these simple coditions
no obligation to buy
delivery by appointment
free trial
delivery to any established retailer
full-day test drive (in the context of the
opening times)
Returned by the retailer

Here you can request a test drive of your wish-BERNDS:


BERNDS supports the "Global Biking Initiative"

The "Global Biking Initiative" is an association of cycling enthusiasts started by employees at Vodafone Germany which combines the fun of cycling with social commitment.
The association organises a yearly charity ride; the donations collected benefit various aid organisations - this year they go to the Offroad-Kids e.V charity.
In June 2009 the tour took over 200 participating riders form Milan to Düsseldorf - a trip of some 1100 km.
As one of the equipment suppliers, BERNDS provided the touring tandems for the ride.

The ADAC [German Automobile Club] has tested bike racks for cars.

None of the models tested achieved a "very good" rating...

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Michaela Buchholz and Thomas Bernds

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