The BERNDS toothed-belt drive


Toothed belt drive

Never oil a chain again!

We use the new carbon-reinforced GATES toothed belt - no oil or grease, long-lasting and stands up to power surges.
You can combine our toothed-belt drive with all commonly available hub gears.

The BERNDS folding seatpost

No more adjusting the saddle after folding the bike!

Folding seat post


With our folding seatpost, even after unfolding, the saddle position remains unaltered.
No more annoying time-wasting while you adjust the saddle.
What's more, we use standard-sized parts so that you can use the most suitable seatpost.

The BERNDS handlebar stem clamp

Three-fold safe and flexible

Handsbar stemp clamp

Owing to our handlebar stem clamp, the handlebars and the stem adjustment remain unaltered even after folding!
You can mount any handlebar shape the way you want and always fold it in without difficulty.

The BERNDS tandem hinge

Compact and robust

Tandem hinge

Our BERNDS-Folding Tandem Lowstep has the only hinged joint in our range:
unique because of its interlocking blades and particularly robust and safe.
Consequently, the Lowstep tandem fits in the boot of a VW Golf - without even folding the rear seat down!

The BERNDS suspension block

Efficient and maintenance-free

Suspension block

Why make it heavy and complicated, if you can make it light and simple? We build our tried and tested, maintenance-free spring and damper block into all BERNDS bikes. The rubber-based material has ideal characteristics: high self-damping properties and constant suspension characteristics!

The BERNDS mudguard stays

Flexible and with style

Mudguard stays

Just a small BERNDS detail - but it shows our love of perfection:
We have bent our mudguard stays because that way they are especially flexible and stable - and they look elegant into the bargain.

The BERNDS rear sub-frame

Changing the chain without tools

Rear sub-frame

Our BERNDS rear sub-frame is open on the chain side. This method of construction which is also used on motorcycles not only looks good, when it comes to cleaning or a repair, it has a priceless advantage:

you can take the chain off all in one piece without undoing it.

The BERNDS headset construction

safe AND adaptable

Headset construction

Our headset ingeniously combines the advantages of the Ahead method of construction with those of a classic bolted headset.

The BERNDS folding technique

Simple, quick - and safe!

Folding technique

SIMPLE: only 4 steps - the "Usability" test winner!
QUICK: Fold it up or unfold it in just 10 seconds - without adjusting the handlebars or saddle!
SAFE: Even before the quick-release catches are closed, everything is in its right place- no catches have load-bearing functions

The BERNDS cables

extremely reliable


Particularly with folding bikes all cables are subject to special loads.

The BERNDS brake booster

always fits, always ready.

Brake booster

For all those who like just that bit more responsiveness:
we have specially developed a modified booster for the hydraulic rim brake (HS33)!

Our front brake …

is placed BEHIND the forks.

Front brake

BERNDS has done some extra thinking on the matter:
When being applied, the front brake is pressed between the forks and is held firmly in place. As a result it doesn't squeak and is easier to modulate and adjust.

The BERNDS rear light bracket

Simple and ingenious

Rear light bracket

One of the little details which make all the difference:
our patented rear light bracket made of spring steel ensures secure and simple mounting of the rear light - even if you happen to be out riding without mudguards or luggage rack, you will still be safe in traffic.

Our innovations at a glance


Here you will find texts and photos concerning BERNDS which you are welcome to use for professional purposes.

The BERNDS[BOX] - BERNDS testing

We can show you what we can do!
We can describe, what our bikes are able to do!
We can show pictures of our bikes in all variations
and configuration options to you!
With our detailed and comprehensive website we can inform you!


Klick hier to enlarge the picture.

But one thing we can do not: for you the special, from our
Customers and independent journals and over again acclaimed
BERNDS-driving feeling experience. We can advise you, but
can not decide for you which of the many Equipment variants of
our wheels you like best. Therefore, we have invented the
BERNDS[Box] for you. With the BERNDS [Box], you can not only
test your wish - BERNDS without obligation, but you can also
experience the many equipment options of our bikes -  in depth
and at your leisure.

We deliver the BERNDS[Box]

  • with your wisch-BERNDS for a non-binding test
  • with a comprehensive range of accessories for you to try:
    • Saddles
    • Color card with frame colors
    • Handlebars
      Luggage Solutions
    • Helmets
    • Clothes
  • Withe these simple coditions
    • no obligation to buy
    • delivery by appointment
    • free trial
    • delivery to any established retailer
    • full-day test drive (in the context of the opening times)
    • Returned by the retailer

Here you can request a test drive of your wish-BERNDS:

          Test drive at your home

We send a sample to the dealer of your choice


Here are all the models available, we offer the best advice. A test is also on weekends by appointment possible.


Buying a BERNDS

Here you will find the current price list in pdf format.



The complete price list in pdf format (139 kb)


The Folding Bike price list in pdf format (97 kb)


The Gretel price list in pdf format (112 kb)


The Tandem Lowstep price list in pdf format (97 kb)


The Tandem price list in pdf format (112 kb)


The PackBernds price list in pdf format (97 kb)


The PickUP price list in pdf format (95 kb)